$50 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Traditional weightlifting style as well as the use of some Strongman fitness equipment.

Tuesday/ Thursday mornings from 6-6:45 AM


$75 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

This discounted rate is for full time students. Must be a full time high school or college student (12 hours) to qualify. Still includes unlimited monthly classes.


$100 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

This membership is for a single person, unlimited monthly Functional Fit classes.


$50 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

Cardio based training where we will utilize machines such as rower, bike, ski erg, as well as  various body weight movements (running, jumping rope, burpees, etc).

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 5-5:45PM.


$160 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

This is for a two person membership. The two people must be on a shared income. Unlimited monthly classes.


$50 - Billed Monthly until cancelled

High Intensity Interval training. Combination of body weight movements and light weights done in repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by various recovery times.

 Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4-4:45pm.

Saturday - 5 pack

$25.00 / 5 Pack

This is for 5 Saturday classes. The class format on a Saturday is a little different than Monday-Friday, as we only have a warm up and a WOD (workout of the day). We also typically do partner workouts. Please understand that based on the setting of this class, this will have less one on one coaching than a Monday-Friday class. This is best suited for those that travel in town on the weekends or those that are doing other programs who would just like to drop in to a CrossFit class on the weekends. If you are new to CrossFit and/or working out, we would not recommend this package.

Any Day - 10 Pack

$80.00 / 10 Pack

This is a 10 class punch pass. You can use this for any of our classes. This is a great way to try CrossFit and Rebel Herd out.