Monday - Friday:



We will have a place for children to sit and/or play during class; however, we do not offer childcare. We ask that members be mindful of the safety of their children and other members, and keep children off of the gym floor at all times.
Classes are one hour. We will begin each class with a group warm up, followed by a strength portion and then the "Workout of the Day (WOD)".
Absolutely not! We are able to scale every workout to be appropriate for where you are at in your journey. No experience with CrossFit, weightlifting, or exercise in general is needed to get started.
Although we believe anyone can do CrossFit, we also understand that it may not be something that everyone decides is for them. If you join and decide you need to stop your membership, we just ask for two weeks notice. You are not under contract and can cancel at any time; however, we will not offer refunds for dues already paid.
Something that you can move freely and be comfortable in. You will definitely want to wear tennis shoes. Also, keep in mind that we will not be heating and cooling the facility to "standard room temperature". So, if it is cold out, bring warmer clothes/layers to strip. Same for if it is hot.
Please come at least 10 minutes early so that we can make sure you have signed a waiver and so that we can chat a little before classes get started.
Yourself, a positive attitude, and a water bottle!