Rebel Herd CrossFit is a community centered, wellness focused facility. We are here to help you move better and live better through functional fitness. We want to provide you with an environment that allows you to try new things and develop healthy, consistent habits. We would love to meet you and see how we can help in your journey!

Meet Our Team

Whitney Snyder

Hi! My name is Whitney and I co-own Rebel Herd with my husband Colbie. I have been doing athletics my entire life. As a child, I did gymastics, basketball, softball, track, cross country, and cheer. I ran track at Pittsburg State University, where I specialized in the 400 meter. After graduating, I drifted aimlessly through different gyms and workout programs, I even conned my husband into running a marathon and several half marathons.

I discovered CrossFit in March of 2015 and have never looked back. I love the mental and physical challenge that it brings. It also allows me to continue to learn new skills, develop better coordination, and become stronger. It provides the "me time" that I need to reset from the busy, hectic world we live in.

I received my CF-L1 in March of 2017 and developed a new love when it comes to CrossFit, coaching. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping someone to improve the way they move, and in turn, live. I also love getting to help a member add a new skill that they never believed was possible.